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  1. Hi, what's her problem? A green roof has so much going for it! Out is a wonderful habitat and the roof will insulate the shed making it a bit cooler in summer and warmer in winter. You will need to make sure you support the roof properly but done right it can be a lovely addition. I have included a couple of photos of two of our roofs one is the office roof and the other is a little shed that used to house our rabbits and is now a conventional shed!
  2. Love it...keep teaching the names! Our children thought we were totally mad taking photos of all sorts of things - grass reinforcement, street sign systems, paving... The list goes on - they both absorbed more than they ever realised!
  3. Hi I am Elizabeth, based from our home in East Yorkshire. Together with my husband, Bill, we set up in February 1998. Since then we have gained @Amanda McDermott as a very valuable member of our senior team. We are keen on lots of issues but SuDS, in its various iterations, is close to all our hearts. Bill and I set up West Wolds Slow the Flow in response to being the subject of a flood event in November 2019. We have created four living roofs on our property and have been enjoying watching the changes and how they have coped with the extremes of weather. They are part of our sustainable drainage strategy for the property. I love researching the history of a site and think it is very important to understand the history before making any changes. A favourite project was the regeneration of Burnby Hall Gardens - Rock Garden created in 1910 by the Backhouse Nursery of York, which is a joy to revisit on a regular basis. Apart from that we have two grown up daughters, two cats and a new puppy.
  4. Hi Jane, just trying to get to grips with this way of communicating. Loved your holiday photos...looked beautiful weather for you. X
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