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  1. Thanks Michael - yes I saw this too and was impressed by it. I am a trustee at Slow The Flow and have sent on to our education trustees to see if we can do something similar! STF is soon to launch a curriculum-aligned set of materials to do with NFM for our local schools in Calderdale - if that's a success we will look into rolling out for wider use, I'll post here if that happens. In the meantime, a lot of the info on our website is accessible, engaging, and freely downloadable (with credit please). Flooding / NFM and SuDS specific, rather than climate change generally though: https://slowtheflow.net/introduction-to-natural-flood-management/, https://slowtheflow.net/you-can-slow-the-flow/
  2. Thanks for your reply Lewis. I'd found the same, only specifics seem to be for 'Blue Badge' spaces, and what there is, is dated. I agree, we try to specify 5x2.5m spaces for normal bays, cars are getting bigger... The question was specifically about 'kerbside' spaces really, and what dimensions anyone has found to work well for those - you need a longer space for parking on-street, to manoeuvre in, but how much longer?!
  3. Hello, I'm trying to find some recent guidance for size (in particular, length) of normal kerbside parking bays and struggling! Hoping someone here might just have it at their fingertips please? I've found in a couple of places that disabled bays should be 6.6m long, but what about normal 'parallel' bays? Seen 6.1m in an old (1999) AJ Metric handbook, but is that too short nowadays? We want to be sensible but not over generous (it's a scheme about encouraging walking and cycling really). 1.8m width seems to pop up in a few places, so we'll assume that. If anyone has a definitive and recent reference, please share!
  4. I agree - but can't take credit, it's @Simon Odell's idea above!
  5. The Floriade is a traditional 2B pilgrimage... if anyone wants to organise a coach tour for us, I expect we'd be in! https://www.2bconsultancy.co.uk/2b-blog.php?pid=22&p=&search=floriade&topic=#blt
  6. Thanks Antonella, notifications of when I should have had an email sounds helpful, then I can check spam etc.
  7. Hello LIYHB members! Has there been a recent newsletter? I've updated my preferences a few weeks ago now, but feeling unsure I'm getting the emails...
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