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  1. I've commented elsewhere on the lack of branch activity in LI Connect. I really don't know why so many aren't using this platform. Maybe it's the small audience?
  2. If you took Amanda and Robert out of the equation, there'd be hardly any activity! (Slight exaggeration, but it makes a point!) Most of the regional branch threads have no posts since December 2021, but there must be other forms of communication going on that could be copied to LI Connect as well.
  3. Pity. I suppose timber or Corten weathering steel bollards would blend in better than steel / cast iron / plastic.
  4. Nothing quite like this to provide as an example unfortunately. Is there a Traffic Regulation Order on this section of road prohibiting motorised vehicles? Visibility is an issue that needs to be considered when something changes in a highway or public right of way. We're moving a staggered barrier on a byway to a different location, and are aware that this will need reflective strips so cyclists don't collide with it in the dark. The use of natural stone is certainly sympathetic to the surroundings. Maybe you could attach reflectors directly to the faces of the stones, rather than adding bollards?
  5. I think that's all you can do realistically. I don't think many clients would accept a regular fee review on a shorter period than a year.
  6. I'm trying to find where the sizes are stated in the Parking SPD or Streetscene SPD. 6m should be enough if the ends of the bay are splayed at 45 deg (in addition to the 6m length). I tried parking in some on a recent development with 90 deg kerbs at the ends enclosing planted build-outs, and they were really awkward!
  7. Normal dimensions for parallel parking spaces in new developments in Bracknell are 6m long x 2.4m wide, or 2.7m wide if it could become an allocated disabled parking space.
  8. Actively felling trees is a whole step worse than letting trees die and never replacing them, which is bad enough. But it happens in residential developments as well as commercial settings, and as the requirement for more street trees starts to filter through in new planning applications, care is needed to ensure they are not all within private front gardens, where their long term future cannot be relied upon.
  9. If you can track it down, there was feature in Landscape 07.07 magazine titled Primate Residence. The thing that is striking now is the size of the list of plant suppliers which includes 11 different nurseries and importers.
  10. I think the early stages of design development would be normally be termed Sketch Design, and this could then develop into a Landscape Strategy. This sets out the concepts and main elements, without going into finite detail. These are often submitted with outline planning applications to avoid multiple revisions to fully detailed plans as everything else changes, like road and housing layouts, SuDS, boundary treatments, etc.
  11. Hello all. I'm Graham, working for Bracknell Forest Council, but have previously worked for architects, been a sole trader for 18 years, and tutored/lectured on garden design courses, mainly drawing techniques and hard landscape construction. I studied at Manchester Polytechnic way back in 1977 to 1982 with a year-out job working for British Rail in their architects department, and then after completing the post-grad diploma I worked for a landscape contractor for 4 years. Career high so far? Designing the planting for Gorilla Kingdom at ZSL London Zoo.
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