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  1. A fair degree of protection could be achieved by placing the link to the static site within the members section of the LI website and if more protection was necessary there could be a requirement for a members login to use the link and see the static site. This would not be a difficult thing to code and there may be provision for it in the CMS the LI is using (a search for User Login and the name of the CMS will probably bring this up).
  2. Thank you. Re copyright, my thoughts are (1) it would be surprising if Ning claims copyright in the content, because they would need contributors to have signed author agreements for them to own the copyright (2) re the ethical point, my suggestion is to keep the old forum as a members-only resource. Making it public would go against the principle on which members made comments.
  3. The Talking Landscape conversations over the past 15 or so years are an important part of the Landscape Institute's history and should be retained. They must be in a database. This could be downloaded and, presumably, made available to members in a non-editable format. When the change to Talking Landscape took place the preceding online forum was lost. Please don't let this happen again.
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