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  1. GLVIA was published in 2013. There has been a seismic shift since then. Many more townscape and visual assessments, night time assessments, and the visualisation world has changed completely (GLVIA3 supported the 2006 SNH approach to visuals, even though we knew in 2013 this was about to change…) the problem is that whilst GLVIA3 is a great document it is ‘stuck in time’. It simply needs updating, as there are now too many edits to the original document. But whether that should be GLVIA4 or some other online document format that is edited annually that is something for others to decide. but in Public Inquiries GLVIA3 isn’t as helpful as it once was. I have one next week. I can’t simply use GLVIA3 as it isn’t up to date. the LI has a responsibility to its professional membership to keep this up to date.
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