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  1. I may be completely out of step here but I was unaware of this survey until now - late to the party as usual!
  2. A very interesting read @Tom Robinson In my burgeoning career as a landscape architect, 'specialising' in LVIA, I have at times found myself pondering some of the points raised in the article. In particular the point of 'he that pays the piper calls the tune' which I have found myself wrestling with on more than one occasion whilst out with the dog (which often provides me with 'thinking time'). There seems to me little doubt that we are influenced to varying degrees by the client's wants and needs rather than our actual perception of whether a project should be allowed to spread its (likely) adverse influence across an (also likely) area of greenfield land. How objective are we really as a profession? The other point which struck me was your reference to amour propre (which I had to translate). This is another thought that's been running around my brain - just how important is our work? I would like to think what we do has a some influence on the outcome of planning decisions at all levels, but what is the perception of new development for the general public? It always amuses me for example when people living in houses bemoan the introduction of new housing. When there is removal of woodland involved, or perhaps someone's daily dog walk ends up being diverted 500 yards by the introduction of a new substation, then we may hear the voice of the people. Otherwise the general public are probably too busy going about their daily lives to care one way or the other. Over simplified of course, but you get my drift. I for one would welcome a 12 page GLVIA - perhaps with some additional fancy graphics and the Glossary to pad it out a bit - now that we've had time to digest and understand GLVIA3.
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