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  1. This TCPA is the lead partner for the EU-funded PERFECT project (Planning for Environment and Resource Efficiency in European Cities and Towns). On the 2nd of December, 10am to 11:30am, they will deliver their online workshop on: 'Increased recognition of the impact of GI on health and wellbeing as a result of Covid-19’. For more information about the workshop, the agenda, and the the zoom call please read the following here: Agenda - Increased recognition of the impact of GI on health importance of GI for wellbeing.docx
  2. On the 10th of November the government passed The Environment Act. This is an incredibly significant piece of legislation for our members, as it is an overhaul and replacement for EU environment frameworks. To find out more please read the following briefing: The Environment Act.docx If you have any queries please contact: policy@landscapeinstitute.org
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