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  1. Hi, I have just started my P2C and want to join a study group, preferably this will be local to Essex although I am happy to travel if this means meeting like minded peers or even attend an online study group. If there are no local groups I will potentially look to start one. I can also host a few meetings based at my office in Maldon if people want a face to face. If anyone has any further information please do share or if you are interested in starting the study group with me get in touch. Many thanks, Adam.
  2. Hi Kostas, I have just started on my P2C and it has been recommended I join a study group. Did you have any luck joining or forming an East of England study group? Thanks, Adam.
  3. Newbie to the forum here! I'm Adam and I have recently began my journey on the P2C. I'm looking to join a study group preferably in the East of England if not I am happy to travel especially if it means meeting new like minded peers. If there is already a group formed then great if not then I'll put the feelers out and see about starting a new group! Please do get in touch and I look forward to hearing from you.
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