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  1. Hello all

    IFLA Europe have made us aware of a survey on bio-based fertilisers that was sent in by the European Landowners Organisation (ELO). It is a survey designed by the European Landowners Organization(ELO), DLV (United Experts), and Ghent University (UGent) whose objective is to  discover attitudes and willingness to pay for bio-based fertilisers. This information will enable the researchers to design strategies to promote the use of bio-based fertilisers while taking into account agricultural producers' opinions.

    The survey lasts around 15 minutes and the information provided is strictly anonymous and will be used as part of academic research. It can be accessed here:



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  2. So, @Thomas Turner and @Louis Varley this is what I have decided is the best course of action (very decisional, me 🙂).

    We will keep TL live for another year - no changes and we have already let all the users know to post on Connect now.

    At the end of the year we will keep a static copy as reference and make that available.

    Having explored all the technical options, this is definitely the one I think will make everyone happy.

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  3. So, I am not ignoring the issue. I've been mulling it over for a couple of days.

    We still have TL for another year (October 2022) as we've now paid for it and we might as well leave it there as a reference but keep advertising Connect as THE new platform to use. In the course of the coming year, I see two options:

    1. We will have had permission from Ning to store the static copy and make that available.

    2. The current version of the site will have become part of the 'internet archive' and be in the public domain, so we copy/make that available.

    The important thing is we have time to look into the options now. @Louis Varley, would you say mine is a fair assessment of the situation?

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  4. BSI have announced the publication of a new standard, and we think you’re going to like it!

    See BS 7533-101:2021 – Pavements constructed with clay, concrete or natural stone paving units – Code of practice for the structural design of pavements using modular paving units at bsi.shop.

    See more at:


    One of our chartered members has been an integral part of the TC responsible for drafting BS 7533, and this is also something that ought to be shared and celebrated.

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  5. Hi all, we are now looking into an archiving option for TL. The difficulty does not lie in creating a static archive (this we have already done) but in navigating copyright issues with the old hosts, Ning and doing this ethically. We are currently exploring options and talking to Ning to ascertain what is possible.

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  6. Hi Toby

    I have gathered that more information on Kickstart can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/kickstart-scheme

    The LI are working with Birmingham City Council on a Gateway to Kickstart which will hopefully feed into our new apprenticeship scheme. I hope you receive more answers from landscape professionals who have used the scheme.

  7. Hey @Billy Ng welcome to Connect. Check out the International forum (if you scroll down the Forum lists you will find it easily), where you can meet other members based abroad. In the time I've been at the LI that specific group of people have provided me with answers to lots of questions I had (e.g. about landscape architecture in Italy, where I am from) and I have made some wonderful connections. Let us know if you need any help, and happy Connecting!

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