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  1. Welcome @Kevin Johnson, it's great to have you here!
  2. @Marc van Grieken, thank you for posting. Your words were so evocative, I had no trouble imagining you staring at the White Cliffs and wondering what certain things were in the English language. It reminds me of myself in the first year of studying Dutch (snap!) at university and being given an assignment to read De Telegraaf from top to bottom and memorising 'useful' words such as ontwapeninsgonderhandlingen (bad spelling perhaps but it was something around talks about disarmaments) and 'de witwassen van der smeergeld' (money laundering). Never used those words in all the years I spent travelling to The Netherlands but 30 years on I still remember them. And all the little bricks in my education and professional life have led me here to the LI, and for this I am grateful. I am also grateful to have the chance to work and learn from you, because you are a role model (and we have fun working together).
  3. I adore this thread! I live in West London (Brentford) and I'm afraid that, between the Heathrow flight path and other light pollution I struggle to even see the stars. I find Brentford a total delight in the daytime, with all its canals, wildlife and Georgian architecture but at night ... bleurgh.
  4. Hello @Tom Robinson, I have already drawn the attention of our readers on this forum to the current survey on GLVIA3, which is open until 17th of September. This is what Becky refers to above and can be found here. I hope this is helpful.
  5. Hi Andrew, welcome to Connect! Your comment about having an interest in education and in becoming an examiner delighted me (I am Head of Education at the LI). I'm wondering whether it would be useful for us to have a call some time? Your baby is super cute, by the way 🥰.
  6. Hi Amanda, we have checked that your communication preferences are correct, and they are. Maybe the branch has not sent a newsletter lately?
  7. Thank you for this, Ben. You can tag other people if you want, and if you think it would give the post more visibility.
  8. Hi Amanda, if you're still experiencing trouble with the newsletter, let me know. I shall put notifications on this thread.
  9. Did anyone say 'poffertjes'???? I am in (but I have no pan, sadly)! 🤪
  10. Hi Tony, thank you for posting on Connect! The LI's position continues to be one of caution and no in-person events are being organised. However, branches are organising some fantastic digital events. The Board will review its position on in-person events in the weeks to come, and I will let you know if anything changes.
  11. The LI are always interested in hearing from members and this time we need your help with a short survey on GLVIA3. This will close on 17th September, so please, if LVIAs are part of your work, let us know what you think! @Rebecca Knight and I will also promote it via our website and newsletter.
  12. Graham, thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to post about this.
  13. Welcome, Annie and Graham! Graham, I love the detail about the Gorilla Kingdom. I say it every day - landscape careers have so much variety and excitement.
  14. @Lionel Fanshawe if you want to flag up posts for members of the community, you can tag them using the @ symbol. This will ensure they definitely see the relevant post. Thank you, Lionel and @Ann Soderberg for using the forum to ask insightful questions - they will, in turn, generate interesting discussion!
  15. Thank you Tom, I really appreciate you taking the time to use the platform.
  16. Thanks for posting this, Charlotte. I have now pinned this post so newcomers can see it and it doesn't get pushed down the list, given that we are always looking for volunteers for this project.
  17. Hello all I have received a query in the technical inbox - do LAs use the term Conceptual Site Plan for an initial site design? Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  18. Amazing! We really need an LVIA forum. It's a massive and important subject area for technical.
  19. Paul, thank you! This is exactly the kind of information that should be shared in this forum. I'd like our London members to feel as close to the Branch as possible. Let me know how I can support you.
  20. Hey all, I was checking out the NLA (New London Architecture) webpage, which I am always attracted to because their slogan is 'bringing people together to shape a better city' (love it!) and found some interesting events: https://nla.london/events/summer-socials-member-only-evenings-at-cdy-2 I thought it would be worth sharing with you. Have a lovely day 🙂
  21. Lovely to see you here, Anastasia! I hope you will enjoy Connect.
  22. This free whitepaper from iCIMS and Talent Board seeks fresh insights into the world of diversity, equity and inclusion through a joint global survey of talent acquisition and HR professionals. It explores what recruiters and hiring managers are doing on the front lines to attract candidates from historically excluded groups, what employers are now doing differently to ensure diversity and what impact it is having on reducing bias and driving measurable recruiting results. It can be downloaded here.
  23. There could be interest in registering for the Green Gains event, hosted by Ground Control. This will be a physical, outdoor, event. Green Gains will be a celebration of nature, as a natural asset to be invested in, enhanced, and protected. More information can be found by clicking on the link above. Please note that this is not an LI, or LI-sponsored, event.
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