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  1. The energy NPS set out the government’s policy for the delivery of energy infrastructure and provide the legal framework for planning decisions. The current review will affect members when it comes to LVIA and biodiversity net gain. The LI has prepared a briefing on the consultation and is seeking further input from members. For full information, click here
  2. Just two days to go until we find out who the wonderful winners are of this years LI Awards! Don't forget, it's free for everyone to attend and will be held digitally so book your places now to be part of the celebrations!
  3. Update from COP26 Week 1 of the crucial climate summit in Glasgow is drawing to a close. Around 120 world leaders gathered in Glasgow this week for humanity's 'last, best chance' to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Watch the 'Earth to COP' opening ceremony video Watch Sir David Attenborough's address to world leaders Day 1 announcement: Over 130 leaders commit to reverse deforestation and land degradation Glasgow's Scottish Events Campus officially became UN territory on Friday 29 October - its transformation into the 'Blue Zone' setting the stage for key negotiations between world leaders to take place. Until negotiations close, only parties accredited by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will be able to access the venue. The conference drew some early criticism for its lack of accessibility, with climate activist Alexandria Villaseñor observing: 'The negotiating space that we create, as a planet, is one of the most important aspects of these talks and can ultimately set it up for failure or success.' LI President Jane Findlay has been in attendance at the Blue Zone this week, as well as a number of fringe and external events. Below are just a few of the highlights... 43rd TB Macaulay Lecture: in conversation with Christiana Figueres. After a break in 2020, the annual lecture moved from Edinburgh to Glasgow on 2 November, and focussed on the interplay between sustainable land use, science, communities, and the economy. UKGBC Scotland launch event. The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) officially established its Scottish network on Thursday 4 November. Guest speakers included Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants’ Rights Patrick Harvie MSP. The Holyrood Fringe Festival. Holyrood events is hosting a four-day climate fringe festival in Glasgow, with a different climate-based theme each day. Today was all about sustainable cities: with 80% of the world's population living in urban areas, cities worldwide will shoulder much of the responsibility for delivering on the outcomes of COP26. Today's session focussed on innovation in sustainable city management in pursuit of net zero. Tomorrow's session, which Jane will also attend, covers how we mobilise global and local partnerships to reach net zero. The universal challenge of the climate emergency gives us the opportunity to build comprehensive partnerships. Success will mean mobilising and connecting people, communities, organisations, and governments to experiment and innovate, and to design and test the radical policies we need to help us live sustainably. Look out for more updates from week 2 of COP26 on on the LI website and social media channels!
  4. Good afternoon @Konstantinos Konstas and @Henri Hurtebize I think this is a fantastic idea! It would be worth posting in your relevant regional branches groups, if you haven't already. Some of the Branch committee members in these areas may be able to help you out. Thanks for posting! Abi
  5. Working alongside the University of Warwick, the Canal & River Trust are undertaking the biggest ever research project into the science of scenic beauty by water. By uploading and rating scenic canal images (there are at present over 30,000 to rate), visitors can help the Trust determine what makes canal spaces scenic, and ultimately protect and revive the most precious and vulnerable. Read the full article here Credit: canalrivertrust.org.uk
  6. That urban greening is imperative to the health and wellbeing of our communities and planet is not in question; what is in question is how it’s delivered, writes Meaghan Kombol. In this blog, Meaghan discusses Dublin City Council’s work on Greening Stoneybatter, and how this approach to co-design can empower a new model of urban greening. READ MORE
  7. LDA Design’s bursary award scheme aims to support students in what has been another difficult year. Five one-year bursaries are available, each worth £1,000, to support and encourage landscape architecture or urban design students in the UK. READ MORE
  8. From 31 October to 12 November 2021, over 100 world leaders will be at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow. COP26 is the biggest conference the UK has ever hosted, and the most significant climate change summit since 2015, when 195 nations adopted the historic Paris Agreement. COP26 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take decisive action on climate change. LI President Jane Findlay and Chief Executive Sue Morgan will be among the delegates at the crucial UN conference in November, where the LI will be championing the central role of landscape and green infrastructure in the global journey to net zero. Read more
  9. The Construction Industry Council (CIC) 2050 Group is calling for young professionals, within the Construction Industry, to share what they would like the industry to look like in 2050 by taking a short survey. The 2050 Group, CIC’s young professionals group, represents those in the industry who are at the start of their career to ensure the link between young professionals and the leadership of the industry. Group members represent a range of disciplines from across the built environment, giving their time on behalf of the different Professional Institution members of CIC they represent. The Young Professionals in Construction Survey 2021 is being launched to determine a vision of the future of the construction industry, and the steps that need to be taken to get there. The results of the survey will inform the direction of the 2050 Group’s work going forward to ensure a focus on topics of importance to those that the group represents. Will Arnold, CIC 2050 Group Chair says; “This survey is a fantastic opportunity for young professionals to share what’s important to them when setting the future direction of the industry. The 2050 Group acts as a conduit between the current and future leaders of the profession, and we intend to use the survey results to set a vision for our work over the next two years.” The survey can be accessed here and we encourage young professionals to share it with their peers so the Group can get a wide ranging response to this pertinent topic.
  10. A new report from the Wildlife Trusts calls for a planning system that sets in law people’s access to nature, protects land reclaimed for nature, and delivers the government's legally binding target to halt species decline by 2030. The new report outlines three key concerns with the current planning proposals: · They are highly likely to increase nature’s decline and fail to tackle climate change · They fail to integrate nature into people’s lives · They undermine the democratic process Read the article and full report here
  11. This year the Landscape Institute will be hosting an online edition of the 2021 LI Awards ceremony on 25 November. In light of the recent pandemic and although we would love to see you all in person, we want to keep everyone safe while celebrating the best of the sector. Continuing from 2020, tickets to this event are FREE for everyone. With a growing international audience, global access to the ceremony and more featured award categories than ever before, this will be our biggest and most inclusive celebration to date. Book your places here
  12. 26 October 2021 Water is one of the most valuable resources we have in life. This webinar includes information on water management and ways in which Ustigate design to conserve, recycle and repurpose. Learn what you need to know when exploring the feasibility of an inclusive and sustainable water attraction. Book your place here
  13. Hi Adrian I'm really pleased to see that more events are coming through. I think @Antonella Adamus is best placed to give the official guidance from an LI perspective but as I mentioned before, I have seen a really mixed reaction to events. I know some areas have even been doing CPD online, and then meeting in a local pub for some networking afterwards. I think there is a huge benefit in face to face networking which we will hopefully see a lot more of over the coming months. Many thanks again for starting this conversation. Abi
  14. 17 global projects and a centrepiece installation will feature in a virtual exhibition taking place during the COP26 climate summit in November, showcasing the role buildings and cities can play in tackling the climate and ecological emergencies. The Landscape Institute (LI) is one of over 100 partners supporting the UK Green Building Council’s Build Better Now, an innovative virtual reality exhibition demonstrating how buildings and cities can support the transition to a zero-carbon economy. The exhibition will run throughout the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow this year – the biggest conference the UK has ever hosted, and the most important climate event since the 2015 Paris Agreement. Taking place from 31 October to 12 November, the summit will also feature a dedicated built environment day in its presidency programme. Read the full article here
  15. @Antonella Adamus I thought it might be good to loop you in on this one 🙂
  16. The input of LI members will be invaluable to this Defra biosecurity consultation, which seeks to establish the effectiveness of current measures, how government and industry can collaborate on a biosecure supply chain, and how technical innovations can help prepare for future threats. FIND OUT MORE HERE
  17. Natural England are hiring 12 senior landscape advisers across the country to deliver environmental outcomes, including land management and planning advice, stakeholder engagement, and direct management of Natural England's own land to protect and enhance biodiversity and landscapes. READ MORE HERE
  18. The Landscape Institute has announced 73 finalists in this year’s LI Awards which celebrate the work of the landscape profession through categories such as Excellence in Tackling Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation. Judges, which included representatives from various organisations such as Historic England, National Lottery Heritage Fund, and Public Health England, looked at landscape projects from all over the world, including China, Luxembourg and the British Isles. The 73-strong shortlist, up from 66 the previous year, covers an impressive array of projects, from a £250 million car-free, low-carbon housing development in Leeds to a waterfront master plan on the shores of the Yangtze River. View finalists here
  19. I'm really interested in others views on this as well. I have worked in engagement and events for many years and since the pandemic began there have been many mixed views. A lot of professionals enjoy and rely on the networking opportunities that face to face events gives them, but they also like that with digital events there is no travel time so they get to spend more time at home with their families, they don't have to worry about public transport (tubes or buses) and they enjoy their evenings, as well as benefiting from the learning / networking experience of digital events. The other side of this is that venues are charging more for reduced spaces / capacities due to their loses last year and safety measures they have in place (even though these are no longer mandatory) which means the cost to attendees is higher. I think it really is a catch 22 type situation as there are many different opinions on this matter. Really looking forward to seeing this thread develop. Thank you for kicking it off @Adrian Clarke
  20. The Environment Bill continued its journey through parliament this week, reaching report stage in the House of Lords - with several important amendments that the LI has been calling for. Among the key amendments the House of Lords has approved are: • To declare a climate and biodiversity emergency, domestically and globally. • To prioritise soil health and quality. • For air quality targets to follow World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, with a 2030 deadline. • To introduce plastic pollution and single-use product reduction targets. • To set environmental targets to halt the biodiversity decline. • To ensure the government has a duty to meet interim targets relating to environmental strategy. • To remove exceptions for armed forces, defence policy, tax, spending and resources to have due regard to the policy statement on environmental principles. • To ensure the Office of Environmental Protection (OEP) is as independent as possible. • To remove restrictions on the discretion of the court to grant a remedy where the court finds there to be a breach of environmental law. The government will now consider and respond to these important changes. Track the Bill's progress through parliament
  21. Welcome @Carolin Rogers We hope you find Connect useful!
  22. Very good points @Thomas Turner! @Louis Varley could you help here? Thomas, we will look in to this and come back to you asap!
  23. I must agree - I love a garden roof! So many benefits to the local wildlife! Though I must admit I'm no fan of spiders, as long as all the inhabitants stayed on the roof and didn't come into the house too often I'd love one!! 🕷️
  24. Welcome @Elizabeth Blackledge - Fantastic introduction! Great to have you on board, we hope you find Connect beneficial 👋
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