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  1. Hi I am Paul Lincoln, commissioning editor of Landscape, the journal of the Landscape Institute. In 2007, Landscape published its first edition devoted to the topic of climate change. The cover showed a tree half-alive, and a landscape both arid and fertile. Two years ago, Landscape published its second edition devoted to the same topic. This time it used the familiar image of a lonely earth viewed from space. And for this edition, we have followed the imagery adopted by COP26. But the image is fractured. Over this period, the LI has declared a climate emergency and published a Climate and Biodiversity Action Plan. It has also published a paper on Greener Recovery and Landscape for 2030 demonstrating how landscape practice can respond to the climate crisis. This edition of the journal goes one stage further. We ask those responsible for the future of the profession to speculate on what needs to change to achieve any hope of reaching net zero. We ask students to consider how education needs to change by 2030 and we ask tutors to explain how they will be teaching net zero. We publish the IFLA Climate Action Statement, a world-wide call to action; and we complement this with a summary of the work that members of UK Landscape Architects Declare have undertaken over the past two years together with the LI’s policy position. We examine a collaboration between landscape and architecture students in Bangladesh and Birmingham, and we explore the pioneering research on water management led by Newcastle University in Colombia. Judy Ling Wong considers the links between landscape practice and citizen energy in achieving climate justice and climate equity, and Ed Wall looks at designing for direct action. We visit Glasgow to see how it is preparing to welcome COP26 from Sauchiehall Street to the City Council, and we contrast approaches to tackling climate emergency in Bradford and in a national park. A new website from HTA, a review of the Pathfinder Carbon Calculator and an interview with climate activist Alice Bell about her new book bring together a catalogue of ways in which students, academics and practitioners can make both a personal and a professional commitment to making COP26 count for the landscape profession and for all of us. Read the lastest edition now.
  2. Read the latest edition of Landscape. https://issuu.com/landscape-institute/docs/12481_landscape_issue_2-2021_v9_issuu
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