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  1. Hi Ann, great to see you getting this topic going as we very much want this platform to share such experience and also inform things like the LI Pathway to Chartership being made more relevant to those working overseas at that stage of their career. I have direct experience of how problematic this can be , both from our Dubai and Vilnius offices but also staff who have then gone from there back to other native countries including China. I would encourage Alistair who is on this forum and runs our Dubai office, to respond but will try and invite Ramune Baniuliene (Previously Sanderson) on who runs our Vilnius one to join - sounds as though she has a very similar experience to you and may have even been a contemporary at Greenwich? Great to hear from you Lionel Fanshawe, terra firma, Hampshire, UK
  2. Hi all, Thanks for setting this up for us Antonella and Abi. I look forwards to us all saying a bit more once we have more aboard from those initially invited to soft start this platform - hopefully the precursor to an International Branch where everything beyond UK shores can be discussed - overseas members, projects, expertise, education etc.
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