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Found 7 results

  1. Q: What are tags? A: Tags are used to give a new post one or more subjects. They are great for niche or specific subjects. Users can follow a specific tag of interest to them and it will notify them when a new post is made with this tag. Tagging is also important as if something is very popular, and has many posts and has been tagged many times. For example if many posts are tagged greenbelt the LI will recieve stats showing it is a popular topic and may justify being given its own forum. Q: What tags should i use? A: keep tags to ideally one or two words. For example Policy would be a great tag, where as Policy for Scotland is too complex. You have to aim to have or use tags others would instinctively use. You may instead tag the post with two tags, Policy and Scotland as seperate tags. Q: Tags were added which i didnt add, or tags removed? A: Moderators will change or add tags to make your tags more relevent. It is likley a moderator has added or removed tags on your post
  2. Q: I’m changing job / organisation, how can I update my email address to stay connected? A: Your LI Connect account is automatically updated from your MyLI profile. If you need to update your details, including email address and profile picture, please do this through your MyLI account. Q: Why cant i change my cover photo / profile image? A: as with above, your profile syncs with your MyLI profile when you log in. If you change your cover photo or profile image on your MyLI dashboard, and logout and back in, your new images should be synced Q: How can I upload documents? Are there any restrictions – size, file type? A: You can upload documents to your posts or replies. There are no restrictions on file type and the size limits are shown on the text box, max size 48.83MB (individual files – 29MB) Q: Can I upload pictures / gifs other emoticons? A: Yes absolutely. As part of the text box you will see a smiley face and a GIF icon, if you click on these you will have various options to choose from to animate your replies. Q: How do I like posts? A: Underneath each post, bottom right corner, you will see a heart icon this will allow you to easily show your feelings toward that post. Q: Does a ‘like’ count towards my posts or do I need to physically post content / contribute to a conversation? A: No, unfortunately not, you must physically post to build up your post count. Q: Can I invite others to join LI Connect? A: Absolutely and we encourage you to do so. All LI members can access Connect directly through their MyLI account.
  3. As you post on Connect your "post count" increases. With post counts, your rank rises, below are the number of ranks currently setup for Connect. While these are subject to change in the future without notification (which may effect whatever rank you currently have), we will always try and reflect the changes here. All ranks relate to ever increasing size / biomass and then special record breaking trees
  4. I can't post in forum X or forum Y. It says I have not met the necessary requirements or posted enough topics From time to time certain forums may have certain requirements, for example to prevent new members adding their ideas before they have properly looked through the forum and seen all it currently has to offer.
  5. Who are the Admins on Connect? All LI Staff are Admins of Connect. They will have an LI Logo as their display profile picture. Who are the Moderators on Connect? Moderators are normally members who have agreed to volunteer their time to keep Connect a happy and vibrant place. They have the power to delete, lock and edit topics and replies. If there is an issue with a post or topic, Moderators should be the first point of contact. They may raise issues to Admins, if needed.
  6. What is a forum? A forum is an area where members of Connect can post "topics" or specific types of discussions. What is a sub-forum Some forums may contain other sub-forums to further break down a "type of discussion". What is a topic? A topic is a post someone makes in a forum or sub-forum.
  7. What are Clubs? Clubs are a closed section of Connect which only members of that club can see, view and post in. View clubs are a VIP area for specific groups of people to discuss privately what might be sensitive information or important specific topics related to that club. What features does a club have? Clubs have their own "sub-forums" where members can post topics in the same way they would on the more public forums and other members can reply to these topics. Clubs also have their own shared calendar managed by the club members, as well as their own dedicated download section where documents can be stored and shared. How do I join a club? Many clubs are set by the Institute, usually for an internal working group or official committee. Membership of the club is given automatically, provided you are a member of the working group or committee on our database. Can I request to join a club? In most cases the answer is no. If you should have access to a specific Club you will be given access by the owner of that working group or committee. You can see what groups/committees you are a member of in your MyLI dashboard. I am a member of X working group and I do not seem to have access to the club on Connect Sometimes when you first join a forum (from the first time you sign in) it can take up to an hour to automatically add you to that club. Try again later, but if you continue to not have access when you believe you should, please contact membership@landscapeinstitute.org who can field your query. Can I have my own club/request a new club? In most cases, no. Clubs have a specific use case and are set up directly on the LI's CRM system. If there is a specific topic you believe will generate a lot of useful discussion please reach out to a moderator or admin who will consider it as a separate forum. Email technical@landscapeinstitute.org. Can Clubs have guests? No.
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