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Content planning tips

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Here are some content planning tips you might find helpful:

1. If you have volunteered as a Moderator for a club and there are no topics yet, it might be helpful to start with a question or a poll to draw in the other members of the club (i.e. put a question in the subject line).

2. Create an inviting environment (this is especially relevant to Moderators). 'No one likes to eat in an empty restaurant', so if your club is looking a bit lonely, prepare a list of topics/questions you can use to revitalise it. It is worth planning content ideas in advance, especially if you are aware of relevant news or events tied into specific dates. Your club is going to be what you make of it.

3. Watch out for length - shorter posts tend to do better.

4. Disclose the motivation behind the post and make it relatable. This will encourage members to help you and get involved in the discussion.

5. Don't be scared to get personal. It's not necessary to be practical at all times. Sometimes the most engaging posts are about bonding over shared interests and an exchange of personal opinions - just keep it friendly and open to differences in perspective.

6. Tag people. If you see a post you know someone would be really interested in, provided they are not excluded by the privacy requirements of that forum/club, tag them, draw them in!

7. If in doubt, we will help you! Email technical@landscapeinstitute.org

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