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P2C Study Group

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking to start or find a P2C study group. If I'm being honest, I have no idea where to start with this! I spent ages on the Talking Landscape page with no idea how I was going to find a group as you can't access that without being a member. 


Something online would probably be the easiest. But an in-person group near to Devizes/Swindon would be good too.




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Hi Ellie,

I'm part of a very large P2C study group run by Sophie Entwistle (recently chartered).  She hosts monthly talks online from different professionals covering all aspects of the syllabus.  Lots of people there too to possibly speak to on a one to one basis.  Please free to contact her if you would like adding to the list. Sophie.Entwisle@pegasusgroup.co.uk 

Hope this helps.


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Guest Robert Holden

Dear Ellie,

To explain, Talking Landscape was the old LI social networking site, succeeded from August 2021 by LI Connect. Jonny's advice above hopefully answers your immediate query. But should one seek further advice on how to set up a new study group: check the Pathway to Chartership website, go to Pathway Resources and you will find a. guide on how to set up a study group:


Happy to advise further.

Robert (CMLI a P2C mentor, supervisor and examiner)

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