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P2C study group South West

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Hi @Abi Palmer-Greenwood

Thanks for the info.  I contacted the LISW and was passed the contact details for the Bristol online group, however I've not received a response from them.  

I've contact the P2C email for help but they simply advised I post on here.

Do you happen to know of any other active remote study groups that I might be able to join?  Or is it a case of posting on every group forum until I get a response?  I seem to be going round in circles a bit...

Many thanks!

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Hi Jemima, I was part of a very large P2C study group run online by Sophie Entwistle (recently chartered). She hosts monthly talks online from different professionals covering all aspects of the syllabus. Lots of people there too to possibly speak to on a one to one basis. Please free to contact her if you would like adding to the list. Sophie.Entwisle@pegasusgroup.co.uk Hope this helps. Jonny

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