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What happened to the LI Independent Review?

Robert Holden

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The Outcome of the Independent Review of the Landscape Institute by Catherine Brown was published on 19 January 2021. The last update from the LI was in December 2021 (i) and it advised that in 2022-23 a "change programme paves the way to better ways of working". So what has happened? Catherine Brown make 37 recommendations. For instance, recommendation 14 “increased transparency”. In December 2021 the update stated: “Members can now access formal records of Board and Council meetings, with minutes published in the LI members’ area as a matter of course within three weeks of each meeting”. In fact as this post is written, in August 2023, the latest minutes for Advisory Council to LI members are from 8 July 2021 and for the Board of Trustees from 13 December 2022. (ii). So much for transparency. But one could go on: recommendation 8, a suitably qualified Board Secretary: is there one? one is not listed on 4 August 2023 (iii) indeed we have lost our CEO, Sue Morgan. One could go on. Overall we have gone backwards.

Searching further on the LI website one finds few recent references to the governance review and subsequent action. On the 8 July 2021 Jane Swift, the interim CEO, stated to Advisory Council “Independent Review, etc. has impacted on service delivery and we are slightly behind our normal cycle” and there was a Workshop with a report by Andrew Morris under headings listed as successful , implementation, and communications priorities, (iv). At the Board Meeting on 14 September 2022 it was noted there would be an update on the Independent Review at the joint session with Advisory Council (v) And at the 13 December 2022 Board the then CEO, Sue Morgan, gave a presentation on “R Metrics summary Independent Review recommendations implementation” (vi). But there are no further details.

What is happening to the Landscape Institute?


(i)      https://www.landscapeinstitute.org/independent-review-progress-update-december-     2021/

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(v)    https://landscapewpstorage01.blob.core.windows.net/www-landscapeinstitute-org/2023/02/LI-Board-of-Trustees-14sept2022-Minutes-WEB.pdf

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