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What are tags and when to use them?

Louis Varley

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Q: What are tags?

A: Tags are used to give a new post one or more subjects. They are great for niche or specific subjects. Users can follow a specific tag of interest to them and it will notify them when a new post is made with this tag.

Tagging is also important as if something is very popular, and has many posts and has been tagged many times. For example if many posts are tagged greenbelt the LI will recieve stats showing it is a popular topic and may justify being given its own forum.


Q: What tags should i use?

A: keep tags to ideally one or two words. For example Policy would be a great tag, where as Policy for Scotland is too complex. You have to aim to have or use tags others would instinctively use. You may instead tag the post with two tags, Policy and Scotland as seperate tags.


Q: Tags were added which i didnt add, or tags removed?

A: Moderators will change or add tags to make your tags more relevent. It is likley a moderator has added or removed tags on your post


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