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What to do before raising a 'bug'

Louis Varley

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This is a forum dedicated to raising bugs. Please read the following before using this forum to raise a bug.


What classifies as a bug?

A bug is an unexpected issue with one of the Landscape Institute's platforms .

These include issues with the following platforms:

A bug will be about the functionality of the platform rather than the data contained within.

Here are some examples:

  • I clicked to save my profile and an error came up
  • I clicked the button and nothing happened
  • I logged in and the screen just went white
  • I tried to change the date but it says the date is not valid.

The following are not bugs:

  • My password does not work
  • Can I change my practice name
  • I don't seem to be getting password reset emails
  • I am a member but MyLI says I am not
  • My invoice is not correct.


What should I include when raising a bug?

Include as much information as you can. The LI IT Services team will have to investigate the issue and will need to be able replicate what you did. Please also TAG the topic using the "Tags" option with the name of the platform you found a bug with. For Example "MyLI", "CPD" if you are having a CPD issue. 

Include information such as

  • What browser you are using
  • Screenshots if possible
  • The URL when the bug happened
  • What you were trying to do when the bug happened
  • Any messages that came up
  • Information on whether you were using your home or work computer.

The more information we have the quicker we can investigate and fix the bug.

In some cases we might reply to your topic to notify you we have fixed it, or if we were unable to replicate the issue. In other cases we will reach out to you via private message, email or telephone to discuss the problem in more depth.

Some bugs might be the result of a known issue or limitation, in which case we will notify you.

Any bugs raised which we do not consider a bug will be deleted to keep this forum as clean and tidy as possible. We will normally notify you by private message if this is the case but if you post and it vanishes, it was likley not following the rules set out here.


Conditions to raising bugs

Bugs here are as a best endevour and a way for IT Services to directly interact with you, our members. There is no minimum or maximum SLA (Service Level Agreements) given. Only things raised by the membership support channels will have official service levels as set by the membership team.




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