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"Landscapes Beyond COP26" webinar series?

Jessica Peach

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I am a committee member for the North West LI branch. We want to run a webinar series around the time of COP26, talking to different people about how their work with a particular local landscape is impacted by/is impacting the climate and biodiversity crises.

We hope that by creating this webinar series together, we can:

  • Highlight local landscapes, ecosystems, species, campaigns, sustainable materials & practices etc.
  • Educate the public on the climate & biodiversity crises
  • Show the importance of landscape & environmental professions (Autumn is when A level students begin university applications - let's convince them to #ChooseLandscape!)
  • Use each others' platforms and a shared title/hashtag to capture a large audience
  • Spark discussions that inspire positive action

The webinars would be virtual, open to the general public and hosted roughly around 31st Oct – 12th Nov 2021 (when COP26 is hosted in Glasgow). Our webinars are usually a 5 min intro by one of our committee, a 40min talk by the speaker followed by Q&A. After the live event, a recording will be saved and uploaded to LI Campus where registered members can view it for free.

Would you like to take strategic action with us? Whether you know someone doing fantastic peat bog conservation, or you're an expert on urban tree planting, or are a branch member and would like to organise a talk, get involved on this thread or send me an email to mail.northwest@landscapeinstitute.org and we can start to create a calendar of events! I have drafted an email which I plan to edit and send out to various people from charities to professors, companies to gardeners. Who knows who will reply, but hopefully we’ll have 2-3 webinars organised on behalf of the North West branch. If all of us branches have 2-3 events, then we’ve got a big lineup to promote! I'm happy to share the email draft.

If you think this sounds like a great opportunity to do something for this monumental COP event (we do!) then get involved and let's see what we can create together.

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