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Environment Bill nears final stages

Abi Palmer-Greenwood

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The Environment Bill continued its journey through parliament this week, reaching report stage in the House of Lords - with several important amendments that the LI has been calling for.

Among the key amendments the House of Lords has approved are:

 • To declare a climate and biodiversity emergency, domestically and globally.
 • To prioritise soil health and quality.
 • For air quality targets to follow World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, with a 2030 deadline.
 • To introduce plastic pollution and single-use product reduction targets.
 • To set environmental targets to halt the biodiversity decline.
 • To ensure the government has a duty to meet interim targets relating to environmental strategy.
 • To remove exceptions for armed forces, defence policy, tax, spending and resources to have due regard to the policy statement on environmental principles.
 • To ensure the Office of Environmental Protection (OEP) is as independent as possible.
 • To remove restrictions on the discretion of the court to grant a remedy where the court finds there to be a breach of environmental law.

The government will now consider and respond to these important changes.

Track the Bill's progress through parliament

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