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Join as a Technician member (TMLI) -

Lucy Pickford

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Last year saw our first cohort of apprentices start on their course as they work to becoming Technician Members of the Landscape Institute. We're introducing the next route of membership for this grade - the experienced route to Technician (E2T) - and we're recruiting 50 candidates to help us pilot this.

A Technician Member of the Landscape Institute (TMLI) is the new corporate grade of membership that provides a professional home to a broader range of individuals in the sector.
The Technician grade looks to bring equity to the profession. We want to future-proof landscape with the technical and specialist skills that are so integral to the work that we do. This means making sure these individuals have the right support and training tailored for their career.

If you're interested in this for yourself, or know of any technical specialists in need of a professional home who might be interested in joining this cohort, read moresubmit your expression of interest, or join us at our next information session.

We've two new information sessions running next week for both employers and staff - sign up for more info 

24 January 2022
27 January 2022


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