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P2C study group

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Hello everyone, 

I m looking for online P2C study group in preparing for the coming oral exam in November. 

Seems that I have no luck in finding someone who also taking P2C around me. 

My current location is Hong Kong, I can only attend online study group. 

I don't mind to join group in UK or other time zone... is there any recommendation ?


Thanks a lot, Cheryl

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Guest Coco Shao
On 7/26/2022 at 5:42 PM, Abi Palmer-Greenwood said:

Hi Cheryl 


Our London Branch do host events online, I will pass this on to them and ask them to come back to you as I think the may be able to help. 


Many thanks


Hi there,

I have the similar situation. As I am working in China, do let me know please if there is any opportunity to join the online study group.


Thanks in advance. 



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