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Calling all landscape architects in the North East of England

Thomas Robinson

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Gentles All,

Would you like to see some debate on the wave of issues that are affecting practitioners in the north east?  I do not mean the factional warfare that surrounds the LI Secretariat, but matters of more local concern such as: the challenge to our profession arising from the NPPF pivot to biodiversity and beauty; the decline of the public sector and the rise of the private; the potential beneficial effects that come from a recreated Newcastle University Landscape School; the attenuated form in which design issues affect our perceptions and work; and the simple hard slog of trying to be contemporary in a political world that is still dominated by traditional ideas of how our villages, market towns, conurbation towns and cities should look?  I am seeking a forum within our North East branch to discuss this and other issues.

If you are interested, can you declare it in response to this post?

Salut and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and let 2023 be a damn sight better that 2022.

Tom Robinson

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