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Getting started - General FAQ's

Abi Palmer-Greenwood

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Q: I’m changing job / organisation, how can I update my email address to stay connected? 

A: Your LI Connect account is automatically updated from your MyLI profile. If you need to update your details, including email address and profile picture, please do this through your MyLI account. 


Q: Why cant i change my cover photo / profile image?

A: as with above, your profile syncs with your MyLI profile when you log in. If you change your cover photo or profile image on your MyLI dashboard, and logout and back in, your new images should be synced


Q: How can I upload documents? Are there any restrictions – size, file type? 

AYou can upload documents to your posts or replies. There are no restrictions on file type and the size limits are shown on the text box, max size 48.83MB (individual files – 29MB)   


Q: Can I upload pictures / gifs other emoticons?

A: Yes absolutely. As part of the text box you will see a smiley face and a GIF icon, if you click on these you will have various options to choose from to animate your replies.   


QHow do I like posts?

AUnderneath each post, bottom right corner, you will see a heart icon this will allow you to easily show your feelings toward that post.   


Q: Does a ‘like’ count towards my posts or do I need to physically post content / contribute to a conversation?

A: No, unfortunately not, you must physically post to build up your post count.  


Q: Can I invite others to join LI Connect?

A: Absolutely and we encourage you to do so. All LI members can access Connect directly through their MyLI account. 

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