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Hi Brodie!

Welcome to Connect. Yes, you are correct - we have created a closed 'international' club for those people identified by Lionel (which will grow once we open the doors to the entire membership later on in the Spring). You should have received an invitation to the 'international club', though of course you're more than welcome (in fact, positively encouraged!) to check out the public forums. We are onboarding people slowly, hence why some topics look a bit empty, but as the membership of this platform grows, so will the discussions.

Get in touch with me directly if you have any problems with the platform - antonella.adamus@landscapeinstitute.org

@Abi Palmer-Greenwood is also on hand to provide support.

Take care and we hope you will enjoy Connect.

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Hi all,


Thanks for setting this up for us Antonella and Abi. I look forwards to  us all saying a bit more once we have more aboard from those initially invited to soft start this platform - hopefully the precursor to an International Branch where everything beyond UK shores can be discussed - overseas members, projects, expertise, education etc.



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Good morning all 

It is great to have you on board and already starting to post! As Antonella has mentioned above, we are both on hand for any help or support you need but cannot encourage you and your other cohort members enough to post in the open forum, as well as within your clubs. 

We really hope you all find this platform useful and will utilise it to share information and build networks with your fellow professionals. 


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Hi all

Thank you for setting up the international platform. Agree with the previous post, I’m willing to exchange ideas, discuss projects and expertise, for example, how to develop a city within a park, the planning of green infrastructure. Hopefully we would have much more topics in the near future.

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Firstly thank you to Antonella and Abi for setting this up - fantastic to have somewhere for all of us to meet and discuss shared experiences and issues and learn from each other.

I am an Associate at Cracknell focusing on Marketing and BD although I started life as a Landscape Architect in the more traditional sense. I came to Cracknell about 8 weeks ago and in conducting an initial audit of business process and marketing it's been fascinating looking at things from the international perspective. Whilst I'm UK based I represent Cracknell globally-they are HQ'd in Dubai with studios in London, Shenzhen and Abu Dhabi amongst others.

Talking to Brodie previously I think it's vital for the international members to have a forum to learn from practice in the UK as well as disseminating knowledge of what's going on in other areas of the World. I would welcome:

- Speaking opportunities in the UK from the International members to UK members and vice versa.

- Representation of landscape work at the LI Awards equally across all territories, based on merit of the project work alone.

- A list of equivalent qualifications to the CMLI to understand how professional development is working globally.

- Legal guidance on the relationship of the various institute qualifications to the law in different countries inc the UK. 

- More opportunities to engage with the universities in the UK to talk about work around the world-I think this is a vital part of addressing perceptions about international work from the UK and in educating the new generations in, for instance: what has been learned from building in inhospitable environments and how can this be applied to the climate challenges faced in temperate zones.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list and I'd be interested to hear what others have to say/add to this?

And to come back to what Lionel says above - would love to see an International Branch!




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